We are fortunate to collaborate with amazing talent to produce our jewelry and imagery. Check them out on Instagram to see all that they can do!

Studio manager:

Arielle Routhier @arielle.routhier


Doan Ly @doan_ly

Genevieve Hanson 

Roberto Cowan @desertvintage

Katerina Papanikolopoulos @eros_matigrey

Shane Lavancher @shane_lavancher

Keith Greenbaum @keithgreenbaumstudio

Hardy Klahold @hardysphotos


Madeleine Macgillivray Wallace @madeleinewallace

Janet Wallace @seedingsovereignty

Constance Tsang @constance_tsang

Leah Snow @leahsnow17

Alexandra Arzate @alexandraarzate

Isabella Leon @isabella.leon